Pictures 1-50              Girls Getting Ready

Pictures 51-100          Girls Getting Ready & Start of Pre-Wedding

Pictures 101-150        Pre-Wedding 1

Pictures 151-200        Pre-Wedding 2

Pictures 201-250        Pre-Wedding 3

Pictures 251-300        Pre-Wedding End and Ceremony Entrances

Pictures 301-350        Ceremony through Ring Exchange

Pictures 351-400        Presentation of Couple, Wedding Party, and Groomsmen pictures

Pictures 401-450        Bridesmaids and Immediate Family pictures

Pictures 451-500        Bustling, Church Exit, Reception Intro

Pictures 501-550        Reception Intros & Our Story

Pictures 551-600        First Dance & Random Reception Shots

Pictures 601-650        Dining and Start of Dancing

Pictures 651-700        More Dancing and Some Mingling

Pictures 701-750        Even More Dancing and a Spot of Mingling

Pictures 751-800        Anniversary Dance & Cake Cutting

Pictures 801-850        Cake & Nicole Speech

Pictures 851-900        End of Nicole Speech & Chris's Speech

Pictures 901-950        More Dancing and Mingling

Pictures 951-1000      Lindsay and the Girls Singing and Dancing

Pictures 1001-1050    Josh Dances with "all" the Ladies

Pictures 1051-1100    Josh Keeps Dancing with "all" the Ladies

Pictures 1101-1150    More Mingling, Dancing, and Lindsay Hangs with her old HS Crew

Pictures 1151-1200    Last Dance & Couple Exit

Pictures from Don Paddack    Thank you Don